Horse turns to Donkey

Alternative News – Horses feared to turn to donkey in UK meat scandal

Amid worsening horse meat scandal in Britain that has forced the country’s food standard agency to test all beef products for the presence of horse meat, worries are now being raised that meat suppliers could be also feeding people with donkey meat. - daily alternative news

Last month, the Irish Food Safety Authority said beef burgers with traces of horse DNA have been supplied to British supermarkets that led to some 10 million burgers being taken off the shelves.

Horse meat was later also found in burgers in France and French Consumer Affairs Minister Benoit Hamon announced on Saturday that they have traced the horse meat to Romania, but there were also links with French, Dutch and Cypriot companies as well as a factory in Luxembourg.

European officials partly blamed a recent law in Romania that banned horse-drawn carts from roads as responsible for the fraudulent sales of horse meat as thousands of animals formerly used on the roads were feared to have been slaughtered for their meat.

“Horses have been banned from Romanian roads and millions of animals have been sent to the slaughterhouse,” vice-president of the European Parliament agriculture committee Jose Bove said.

Now, it has emerged that the mentioned law also banned the use of donkeys on the roads, triggering concerns that donkeys may have also been sent to slaughterhouses and fed to the European market by insincere suppliers.

This comes as the French government has pointed the finger at Britain as one of the culprits in the scandal by cutting the budget for EU food-safety checks in Brussels.

French and British governments have already promised to punish those behind the sales of horsemeat in beef products in European countries.


dailyalternative | alternative news – Horses feared to turn to donkey in UK meat scandal

via PressTV – Horses feared to turn to donkey in UK meat scandal.

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