daily alternative | alternative news - Are false flag 'terror' actions made easy to prove false deliberately?

Are false flag ‘terror’ actions made easy to prove false deliberately?

Some of you may be familiar with Sun Tzu’s “art Of War”, some not, but the wisdom therein is as applicable today as it was thousands of years ago. The politicians of Asia are very aware of this, as most likely are the rest of the worlds devious bunch of so called leaders . It is pretty obvious to most aware men and women that the world is in a state of war, albeit an undeclared war. At least in as far as it is undeclared by the TV.

Nothing much is new in this world and certainly not the tried and tested devious tricks of psychopathic tyrants and misleaders. We could learn much from studying these tricks and counter measures as elucidated by Sun Tzu and his contemporaries. Especially with regard to the psychology behind the ‘art of deception’ which is in fact synonymous with the art of war.

First and foremost, it is advised ; Do not underestimate the enemy…. Now in the case of the recent Woolwich scam, it would be all too easy to assume we have caught ‘them ‘ out, with their sloppy attempts at a staged false flag event. I believe this would be a serious underestimation of their capabilities. There are too many obvious mistakes….They want us to see them. If they are that stupid, how come they have so much power, that we , the average man cant do anything anyway, what ever ‘they’ do.???

By making the false flag obvious to people in greater numbers, they are infact producing further division within the ranks of the public….it serves a dual purpose…for the completely dumb, it increases racial hatred and tension. This is obvious. But by making it obvious enough for many to think they have caught them at it, so to speak. This produces division between those who believe the television and those who don’t. At first glance this may not seem so serious, but a think a little deeper and it becomes clear…that this division may have far reaching and more serious consequences.

Just some thoughts on the matter….but my advice to the public echoes the words of Sun Tzu….by giving the enemy the idea one is incapable and stupid , he lets down his guard and becomes complacent…hence more vulnerable

We all know the Camerons and Blairs are essentially pretty dumb, the news readers are dumb…the Pc’s on the streets are dumb…those who make the programmes for the TV are dumb….but if you go deeper into their hierarchical perverted freak show….they aren’t all dumb.


daily alternative | alternative news – Are false flag ‘terror’ actions made easy to prove false deliberately?

via Are false flag ‘terror’ actions made easy to prove false deliberately?.

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