Bilderberg 2013 Roundup Day 1

Bilderberg 2013 Roundup off the Net – Day 1

Bilderberg 2013’s Infinite NWO Connections

Well, it’s that time of the year again — Bilderberg. – Bilderberg 2013 Roundup

Endless connections abound at the annual meeting where leading members of industry, banking, politics, finance, technology and the military industrial complex come together behind closed doors in secret to inform policy that affects all of our lives.

With the usual suspects pretty well known for those who follow Bilderberg, we’ve decided to highlight a few of the potentially lesser-known attendees, and little known influence over world affairs. Let’s take a closer look at who some of these people are…and why it matters.

via Activist Post: 1000 Points of Light: Bilderberg 2013’s Infinite NWO Connections.


Rare Photos of VIP’s and Police Surveillance of Demonstrators

While some media personalities are chasing their own digital shadow at this year’s Bilderberg, other more inquisitive journalists haven’t forgotten why they are there and have thus positioned themselves in the right places in order to capture the rare images that activists crave most – of VIP’s making their way in secret into this year’s globalist meeting in Watford, England…


The UK’s Liberty Tactics team includes Lou Collins and James Britpod, alongside the UK Column and 21st Century Wirereporters on the ground at the Grove Hotel. We are currently waiting for some IDs on some of the Bilderberg members pictured in these images below:

PHOTO 1: ID of this guest is TBC…

PHOTO 2: Can you ID this woman?

PHOTO 3: Bilberbergers wait between meetings, complete with portfolios and lanyards . ID TBC…

PHOTO 4: Tinted windows are the order of the day – judging by the low position in the seat, could this be a hunching Henry Kissenger?

PHOTO 5: Can you tell us who this VIP is (above)?

PHOTO 6: VIPs in the lay-by waiting for clearance to enter grounds…

PHOTO 7: Police trying to hide in the bushes, inconspicuously raising their 40 ft high CCTV surveillance periscopes.

PHOTO 8: UK Column’s Brian Gerrish speaks with Herfordshire police on the edge of the Grove Hotel grounds.

PHOTO 9: Police on mountain bikes trying to blend in…

PHOTO 10: Police on horseback, going for a gallop in the bushy heath…

PHOTO: This more or less sums the entire basis of Bilderberg members’ ability to buy power on the cheap.



Bilderberg Member Set to Speak on Record

A Bilderberg Group member is set to speak on record to the BBC in what represents an unprecedented move for the secretive organization, which is being forced to become more transparent in the face of huge protests and widespread condemnation.


In advance of an interview with Alex Jones today, a BBC reporter told Infowars that the broadcaster had approached a Bilderberg member for a television interview and although the person had refused to be on camera, a telephone interview was likely.

As we reported yesterday, a separate source close to the security operation surrounding the confab told Infowars that numerous Bilderberg Group members were aggrieved at the organization’s obsession with secrecy and wanted to see more transparency.

Campaigners are inviting Bilderberg members to come and address crowds of demonstrators and press at a specially constructed podium within the grounds of the Grove Hotel in Watford, which is where the conference is taking place behind a huge police presence.

Bilderberg’s veil of secrecy is being lifted as a result of serious mainstream media coverage – which took decades to achieve – along with a huge increase in the number of demonstrators who show up to denounce the annual confab as a shadowy lobbying network.

In addition, the establishment media hoax that Bilderberg has no influence and is merely a “talking shop” or a golfing holiday is quickly disintegrating.

via Prison » Bilderberg Member Set to Speak on Record.


Bilderberg 2013: The Protests Begin (Videos)

The Bilderberg meeting is officially underway today, many protesters have arrived, as have reporters from the London Times, the BBC, and even members of the European Parliament.

Many of them are massing around Alex in the protest area, asking him questions. Alex is on fire, with direct, informatiove, focused and eloquent answers. Watch some of the videos below and check the UStream for more live footage from the Infowars crew at The Grove in Watford.

via Prison » Bilderberg 2013: The Protests Begin (Videos).


Bilderberg Group? No conspiracy, just the most influential group in the world

Publicly, the group says it is still merely a debating society – a forum for leaders to “listen, reflect and gather insights” unbound by official policy positions.

But while they rankle at the conspiracy theorists, former leaders of the Bilderberg confences says they were the most important events they ever went to, and the freedom of speaking away from the ears of Whitehall officials meant the discussions that took place decisively shaped modern Europe.

It is above all a club for life’s winners. George Osborne, Ed Balls and Ken Clarke, the Cabinet Minister who also serves on the group’s steering committee, will arrive this afternoon, as will Mr Mandelson. They will be joined by Jose Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission; Christine Lagarde, the head of the IMF; Francois Fillon, the former French Prime Minister; Robert Rubin and Timothy Geithner, the former secretaries to the US Treasury; and serving prime ministers, foreign ministers and finance ministers from across north west Europe.

The chairmen and chief executives of some of the world’s biggest businesses will attend, with a combined wealth running into hundreds of millions of pounds – from Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Amazon, Google, Shell, HSBC, Lazard, Prudential and Alcoa. Henri de Castries, the chairman of the Bilderberg, is the head of AXA, the insurance giant. Peter Thiel, the billionaire founder of PayPal, is also on the guest list. Goldman Sachs and BP have in recent years been donors to the British committee organising this week’s gathering.

via Bilderberg Group? No conspiracy, just the most influential group in the world.

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