daily alternative | alternative news - British children live unhappy, insecure, isolated lives: study

British children live unhappy, insecure, isolated lives: study

A new study has found that millions of British youths are now living in a state of insecurity, unhappiness and isolation due to the economic downturn.

The study commissioned by the Children’s Society established that 10 percent of the UK’s 12 million children now have a sense of low well-being.

According to the results a fifth – 2.4 million young Britons – can be defined as failing to “flourish” in terms of their life satisfaction.

The authors of the report, based on economic and social data alongside interviews with 42,000 children, said it was vital for all levels of society to tackle the issues raised by the study.

“It is incredibly worrying that any improvements this country has seen in children’s well-being over the last two decades appear to have stalled. These startling findings show that we should be paying attention to improving the happiness of this country’s teenagers. They are facing very real problems we can all work to solve, such as not feeling safe at home, being exposed to family conflict or being bullied”, said Matthew Reed, chief executive of the Children’s Society.

The latest study suggests that the correlation between the economic downturn and child well-being is complex, with differences in household income accounting for just 2 percent of the fluctuation in children’s life satisfaction.

It is the latest piece of research highlighting the disparity between the UK’s status as the world’s sixth-largest economy and its poor performance among developed nations on child welfare.

The Children’s Commissioner for England reported last month that more than 500,000 more children will be forced into poverty by 2015 because of tax policies and benefit changes, with the poorest children the worst hit by welfare reforms.


daily alternative | alternative news – British children live unhappy, insecure, isolated lives: study

via British children live unhappy, insecure, isolated lives: study.

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