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British PM snubbed by Chinese Government

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been forced to abandon a planned trip to China after he was refused to be granted meetings with the Asian country’s senior figures over Dalai Lama row.

A visit to China was placed in Cameron’s diary for earlier this month, but it was cancelled over meetings between the UK officials and Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, The Guardian reported.

Cameron and his Deputy Nick Clegg met the Dalai Lama privately at St Paul’s Cathedral last May, causing damage to bilateral ties between London and Beijing.

Every year the British Prime Minister meets his Chinese counterpart. This year it’s the turn of China to host Cameron, whose first and only visit as Prime Minister to the country dates back to November 2010.

Analysts believe that the decision to abandon the trip is a setback for Cameron, who vowed to place trade at the heart of Britain’s foreign policy after coming to office.

British shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander said, “David Cameron came to office claiming he would prioritise the UK’s diplomatic and trade relationship with China, and yet the real difficulties in relations have now been laid bare.”

Meanwhile, French President Francois Hollande wrapped up a two-day visit to China on Friday, aiming to secure more balanced trade with the world’s second largest economy.


dailyalternative | alternative news – British PM snubbed by Chinese Government

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