Police Strike

British police to vote for right to strike

British police officers are to start balloting on January 31 over the right to take industrial action, which they have been banned from for almost a century.

The Police Federation said it would need half of its members, about 65,000 officers, to secure mandate for change before the ballot closes on February 28.

About 36,000 police officers across England and Wales have so far registered to vote, The Guardian reported.

The vote follows a period of “unprecedented discontent and low morale” among police officers, the Police Federation chairman Steve Williams said.

“I believe the figure agreed would provide us with that mandate”.

The British Home Secretary, Theresa May, has made clear that any question of the right to strike is “off the table”, and claimed the police will remain the best paid of the emergency service.

More than 23,000 police officers in Britain earn a second income from none-police jobs as the country’s ailing economy takes more in-work poverty victims.

via PressTV – British police to vote for right to strike.

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