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Conscious Gardening: Find Better Health In Your Own Organic Garden

We live in times of constant pressure. In school and the workplace there is a pressure to perform; in sports and manufacturing, a pressure to excel. For the many salespeople of the world it is the pressure to sell, and for all shops and businesses, it is the pressure to successfully compete. Very few people escape some form of pressure which invariably impacts into their lives as stress. Unless of course, you have learned that a positive response to pressure means a positive result to stress.

All of us, in one way or another, are given opportunities to be pressured and stressed. I remember endless opportunities to feel stressed when I was a farmer, and I embraced just about every one of them! If it wasn’t the weather or the slumping prices of our produce, it was overseas politics negatively affecting the sales of our beef. There was always a chance for a good old grumble. In those days I did not know that the rumbles of my grumbles had a negative impact on me.

Recently a person emailed me to ask if I had any thoughts on the Codex Alimentarius. Although I had a remote and lurking memory of it, I really know little about it, other than it is yet another assault on the rights of common people. And, of course, another opportunity for pressure and stress! Basically, it all boils down to an attack on the rights of people like you and me to choose our own ways of providing health and nutrition for our bodies.

The Codex Alimentarius is a pressure to have nutritional supplementation monitored and controlled by the drug companies. The Codex has a broad-based agenda, which includes forcing us to accept genetically modified plants as food. I have no doubt it is the huge multinational pharmaceutical companies that are applying the pressure on the governments, and hence the public. Obviously their profit margins are not yet big enough. Apparently, we need protection from making rash choices about our own well-being, so that we who choose to use alternative ways of caring for our health are to be forced toward using prescription drugs.

Strange, considering I have read reports documenting the escalating death toll regarding prescription drugs. Nice!


daily alternative | alternative news – Find Better Health In Your Own Organic Garden

via Conscious Gardening: Find Better Health In Your Own Organic Garden

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