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Conspiracy Theories – Some call it Conspiracy, Others the Truth…..but research before you make judgement

Conspiracy Theories – I wondered if you noticed the increase in ‘media recognition’ of ‘conspiracy theory websites’ recently? A UKIP candidate in the upcoming council elections has just been pilloried for posting on a ‘conspiracy theory’ website,”secrets of the fed” I believe. Also, the Boston marathon bombing, the UK daily fail ran a story about ‘internet sleuths’ de-bunking the ‘evil muslims did it’ myth. I can’t link the article, because it disappeared quite quickly.

I find it interesting that anyone who tries to expose the truth is quickly labelled as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ Myself, I know these conspiracies exist, I would prefer the label of ‘truther” After all, that is what we seek.

Richard Stork,  AKA freebornman


We don’t need any labels, Richard, although I accept that labels are inevitable.

They are blurring the boundaries.  They use Hollywood movie

making techniques, actors, props, and electronic effects,  while using

real bombs and guns within the overall illusions –  creating 911, Sandy Hook, the Boston

Bombathon – a whole series.

The idea is to confuse illusion with reality until we can’t tell the difference between them.

The problem is that it is very hard to prove anything one way or the other

so people are left in limbo.  That’s what they are attempting to create – a grand confusion

of illusion with reality, truth with conspiracy, leaving people disconnected and unable to

form any coherent response other than dumb compliance.

After all, once you’ve got to the point of realising 911 was not only an inside job, but also a

sophisticated illusion, what are you going to do about it?  Write to your MP, who

can’t or at least won’t publicly admit anything about it.  Mine won’t even admit he knows what

chemtrails are,  and he can see those overhead.

They are trying to create Agatha Christie mysteries

with real dead bodies, lots of clues but no final scene where MIss Marple can

unravel the dastardly deeds and point the finger uncovering the criminals.

The investigations can never resolve.   The evidence is lost or removed.

Strange clouds appear in the sky every day blocking the sun.

It can’t be deliberate, surely.

Yet inside more of us realise that we are observing a combination of illusion and reality,

which leaves us hanging, wears us down and disarms our opposition.  It soon becomes

easier to start saying ‘911’ wasn’t an inside job, to make life simpler, while they poison

our food and water, and block the sun.  And then after a while it becomes easier to eat and

drink it than think about what’s being done to us all.

That said, the mysterious goings-on must have an explanation, and it is an interesting

pastime getting a deeper understanding about the history of the world, and trying to

fathom it all out.  Call me ‘curious’ if you like.

Until the things make sense, and you feel you’ve got to the bottom of things

your mind will never be happy.  In the absence of any explanations that make sense,

we are bound to become ‘curious’.  What do they expect?

via the tap: I’m just curious..

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