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Don’t be Fooled by Iran

Given that the New World Order is a global phenomenon that seeks to enslave humanity, the Islamic World is not exempted from the conspiracies and secret societies of these same powers.

When Albert Pike allegedly predicted three World Wars, with the last one involving Muslims, it is safe to assume that a certain portion of the Islamic World would be playing its part in a massive staged conflict aimed at destroying the existing order.


Who would that player be? In the history of the Islamic World, Iran has always been a hotbed of intrigue and conspiracy directed against the rest of the Islamic World.  Probably this can be attributed to its location, which is at a crossroad between the West and the Middle East. But looking back at Iran’s past, there is reasonable evidence to suggest that secret groups have managed to control its destiny since ancient times.

While anomalies and inconsistencies in the 1979 Revolution (which brought Khomeini to power) have been noted in other conspiracy literature, there are also several disparities between the activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its stated goals.


The biggest contradiction was observed during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. This was the biggest threat to the South Asia and the Middle East since the Mongols, and most Muslim countries who officially identified with Islam had become supportive of the Afghan resistance. Missing in action was the Islamic Republic of Iran, and its silence was indeed baffling.

The Iran that emerged after the 1979 Revolution is completely different from the rest of the Islamic World. The first major difference is the nature of religious authority. In Iran, religious authority has been tweaked over the centuries to create a pyramidal-hierarchical religious bureaucracy that “manages” religion.

The problem with this arrangement is that the wrong people on the top can also mandate wars, no questions asked. The second major difference is over-centralization, which is reminiscent of socialist states.

In the early years of the Islamic Republic, the Powers That Be even tried to roll out nationalization schemes to confiscate private property but were stymied because private property is protected in Islamic law.

The third major difference is the presence of a network of secret societies that stretch all the way back to antiquity. This is fairly evident in esoteric architectural designs and government logos. Pyramidal buildings are springing up in Iranian cities, along with obelisks. The Iranian parliament is shaped like a giant pyramid. The logo of Iranian Secret Police features an all-seeing eye.

Following the Revolution of 1979, there were quixotic attempts at exporting the same brand of quasi-socialist-religious-police-state to other parts of the Islamic World. But these attempts were met with stiff resistance.

Now, under the guise of the “War on Terror” and the “Arab Spring,” many parts of the Islamic World are being dismantled, politically and economically. Is this to make room for tomorrow’s Iran?


Why does NATO push for Revolution in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and now Syria, but never Iran? Assuming that Iran is intended to play a dominant role in the Middle East, what exactly is this role going to be? Will Iran preside over the Middle East like some kind of Islamicized police state? Or will Iran bait Western powers into attacking the Middle East?

In the thirteenth century, Iran was ruled by the Khwarezmshahs, a diabolical people connected to the royal families of the Illuminati Byzantine Empire (this cabal continues to influence Iran to this very day, and poet-mystic Jalal al-din Rumi was among them).

Little known is the fact that the Khwarezmshahs were instrumental in baiting the Mongols into attacking and destroying the Islamic World. The people of Iran were the hardest hit by the Mongol invasion. As for the Khwarezmshahs, they were largely unharmed and were secretly rehabilitated into the families of Mongol princes. The Khwarezmshah king fled to safety to an island in the Caspian Sea. The Mongols conveniently forgot about him and instead pursued a sophisticated multi-phase program of destroying the Islamic World.

Iran is gearing towards a leadership role in the Islamic World at a time when the modern-day Mongols are encircling the Middle East. Before the 1979 Revolution, Western countries dumped sophisticated weapons and technology into Iran, including nuclear components. Companies at the heart of the American military-industrial complex built sophisticated bunkers, designed to resist nuclear attacks. We can only hope that these bunkers are not intended to be used as an “islands of safety” for the dark forces inside Iran, when (let’s hope not) their work comes to fruition.


daily alternative | alternative news – Don’t be Fooled by Iran

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