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Fair Exchange? Life without Money

Money is essentially a spell or a hex. All of those images, symbols and verbiage on the currency are not accidental, and are the function of years of ritualistic alchemist sorcery. Forget what the movies and television have shown to you about sorcery, this is what it actually looks like. Think I’m pushing the boundaries a little?  Look around and ask yourself if there is anyone under the spell of “money”.

Let’s see if we can break this down:

First, If we assume that there is actually a need for a medium of exchange (and at least in a transitional sense, I agree), then it would need to be a fair exchange. I will detail this below. Second, we really need to examine our propensity / conditioning toward the illusion of creating and storing “wealth”.  As if the Creation wasn’t “wealthy” or abundant enough already, we had to create some abstract method of measuring our progress?  Building and storing so-called wealth is really a counter-creational behavior, as it is the essence of materialism. Anything that binds us to the material world is harming our true nature.

Third, these systems of exchange foster the hive mentality. There is a built-in mechanism of hive compliance (score-keeping). We become concerned that without a medium of exchange, I might end up doing too much while someone else does too little. If we consider the human race as a single organism, and we are individual cells, then score-keeping among the cells becomes a cancer,  just like what would occur in our bodies if our cells carried on that way. This is harmful to our spirits in a profound way.  Hive mentality also creates a need for hierarchy, and authority is given to people and things that have no authority. Stop begging to be ruled!  Remember that humans are already doing ALL of the work. It’s a closed system. Currency doesn’t make things actually happen, it just takes all the credit.

Wage and wealth are dangerous concepts. The idea that we would exchange our freedom for a place in a confidence scheme, is appalling if you really think about it.  Just like everything that the parasitical elite create, you engage in all of it by consent. Nothing is actually done to you without your consent or “part”-icipation. If all the “parts” (that’s you and I) play along, they have a system of enslavement.

But back to the concept of a  “fair exchange”. Here are some general guidelines:

1. It must do no harm. It must not enslave. Take the US system for instance… when $1.00 is issued, it is immediately strapped with an “interest” of about $0.05. The problem is that only $1.00 was issued and the $0.05 was not. This $0.05 deficit compounds year by year eventually arriving at crushing amounts ($17 trillion for instance as the current national debt of the US). It is mathematically impossible to pay back the debt, resulting in automatic indentured servitude.

2. It must be a fair-market model. It should have competing forms of exchange. It should have to prove its viability on the open market jut like any other goods or services. This will undoubtedly create very personal and localized systems of exchange.  In other words, you will actually have to get to know the people you are doing business with, build trust and be accountable to each other.  Monopolizing a system like this would be difficult if not impossible.

3. It should probably be tied to original creation in some way, even if it is just mathematically. Most of the world’s currencies today are “fiat” or “by decree”. If I decree that another trillion pesos should be issued and you are holding pesos, I just diluted your holdings with the stroke of a pen. This is why the US dollar is only worth about 8% of its original issued value today (and that is being generous). Gold and silver should probably be disqualified because of their history.

Ultimately, each individual is free to decide what is right for them.

Above all, remember to love.


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daily alternative | alternative news – Fair Exchange? Life without Money

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