daily alternative | alternative news - Give up tea, co-shower to cut bills: UK energy firm

Give up tea, co-shower to cut bills: UK energy firm

Britain’s biggest independent energy supplier First Utility has advised its costumers to give up tea and co-shower, inter alia, in order to cut their gas and electricity bills, in what is seen as ‘insulting’ advice.

The energy firm, which raised prices by 18 percent last year, told costumers to follow an “energy diet,” according to which they save power on two days of each week and on the remaining five days, they use whatever electricity they want.

In a document, mailed to costumers, the company stated that “co-showering” could decrease hot water bills by £34 a year, and that having two days a week without a cup of tea could save £10.

First Utility, which has about 300,000 customers, also suggested playing Monopoly and reading books instead of watching TV. Other ideas include cooking in bulk and using a clothes airer instead of the tumble dryer.

Labour’s Shadow Energy Minister Tom Greatrex described the firm’s controversial advice as an “insult” to millions of British people struggling to pay their bills at a time of austerity.

“Rising energy bills really aren’t a laughing matter and cause genuine hardship for millions of people. Issuing ridiculous advice, however tongue-in-cheek, will insult and annoy many consumers who are struggling to heat and power their homes this winter,” he said.

First Utility’s spokesperson Ed Kamm, however, defended the ideas, saying they did not intend to downplay the problem of fuel poverty in the country.


daily alternative | alternative news – Give up tea, co-shower to cut bills: UK energy firm

via Give up tea, co-shower to cut bills: UK energy firm.

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