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Goji Juice which Tastes Better than Himalayan Goji Juice

dailyalternative | alternative news - Goji Juice which Tastes Better than Himalayan Goji Juice

Professor Li Chung Yun was considered the oldest man of our century. The London Times (May 8, 1933) reported his death at the age of 256 years. Records found in China show he was born in 1677.

Professor Yun died with all his own teeth and hair. Those who knew him say that he looked about 50 when he was already over 200. He outlived 23 wives and had 11 generations of descendents during his lifetime.

Before he died, he was said to have left three specific guidelines regarding diet for those who wish to follow in his footsteps:

1) Do not overeat on hot summer nights. It causes stagnation of blood and energy.

2) Eat extra quantities of nourishing foods on cold winter mornings. It provides the extra essence and energy the body needs to compensate for having to keep warm in cold weather.

3) Adopt a primarily vegetarian diet

Professor Yun was a renowned Chinese scholar and herbalist. He spent the first 100 years studying and gathering wild herbs. He spent the latter part of his life lecturing and educating people about herbs and longevity. At the age of 250 years, he lectured before several thousand university students for many hours on the art of living long.

He consumed three plants on a daily basis. One was Lycium berries (Lycium barbarum). The common name for these berries in their native land of Tibet is Goji. Reports say that Yun started taking them daily when he was fifty years old. It is interesting that people who knew him say that he looked about 50 when he was already over 200.

The other two plants were ginseng and ho-shou-wu. While korean ginseng obviously agreed with Li Chung Yun, Korean ginseng is heating. It is considered medicinal and it is not recommended that people take it on a regular basis. A woman I know was having sleeping problems and heat flashes. When I told her to stop taking korean ginseng, her problems stopped. The only ginseng that one should consume daily is American ginseng. American ginseng is cooling.

If you have not yet heard of goji, you are not alone. While it has occupied an important place in traditional Asian medicine for countless generations, the secrets of its nutritional benefits have remained a mystery to most of the world.

In the fifties, the Domestic and Foreign magazine reported the story of Li Qingyun in Sichuan province, who died at the age of 250 in 1930. We believe this is the same Li Chung Yun mentioned above. As part of his own account Li says, “When I was 139 years old, and before I met my Master, I could still walk and do the power walk, as if I practised Chinese martial arts. As a result some people thought I might be a deity or an accomplished swordsman. At the time I thought it was really amusing. I think the reason that I have lived this long and am still perpetually healthy is because nothing has irritated me since I was 40 years old. Because of that, my heart is very calm, peaceful and divinely tranquil. That is why I am free from any illness, and always healthy and happy.

At the age of fifty when I went to a mountain to collect some herbs, I met an elderly man who lived on the secluded mountain. He didn’t appear to be a supernormal man, but he took big strides when he walked, as if he was flying in the air. No matter how hard I tried, I could not keep up with him. Later, I met him again. I knelt before him and begged for his secret. He gave me some wild fruits and said, “My only secret is that I only eat these fruits.” I took the fruits, and found that they were Chinese Wolfberries. Since then I consumed three qian of Chinese Wolfberries daily (a qian is the weight used to measure Chinese medicine which is equal to five grams). From then on I became healthy and agile. I can walk a hundred li (a li equals half a kilometre) and not feel tired. I became better in strength and stamina than an average person.”

The only reason we in the west have learned of Professor Yun as because he became a teacher. It is quite possible that many, many other people have lived way past 100, or even 200. But we never heard of them because of the isolated areas they lived, absence of electronic communication, and especially differences in language.

Obviously, none of this is scientific evidence. However, scientists are starting to find that there are a great many positive qualities to goji berries that are not in other foods. Maybe as science improves even more will be discovered later.

Lycium berries are now available in a different form, called Goji Juice. Goji juice is fast taking the world by storm. It seems to have so many different abilities to heal and increase vitality. However, It is important to make sure the Goji juice you are taking is pesticide free. Not all Goji juices or berries are the same. There appears to be a vast variety in quality.

The term “Goji” is the common name given to the Lycium barbarum berry by the Tibetans. There are about eighty different varieties of the one species, Lycium barbarum. The mother of all Goji berries is in Tibet and is fed by water from melted snow. All Lycium barbarum berries originated from this variety.

Lycium berries have been used in traditional Tibetan medicine for centuries.  The plants grow like bushes with vines that reach over 15 feet. The berries are never touched by hand as they will oxidize and turn black if touched while fresh. They are shaken onto mats, then dried in the shade.  Or harvested with gloves.


Contain 19 amino acids – the building blocks of protein – including all eight that are essential for life.

Contain 21 trace minerals, including germanium, an anti-cancer trace mineral rarely found in foods.

Contains more protein than whole wheat (13 percent in the form of amino acids)

Goji Juice is now undergoing intense scrutiny as an anti-cancer drug in Mongolia, China, Japan and Switzerland.  It has been found that the fruit, as well as an extract from its leaves, can kill many kinds of cancer cells in vitro. In vivo studies and human studies are proving to be highly promising.  Goji Juice contains approximately 124 ppm of organic Germanium.  Germanium has been demonstrated to have anti-cancer activity.  Japanese studies indicate that organic Germanium is effective in treating liver cancer, lung cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, and testicular cancer when combined with other drugs. It has been found to induce the production in human beings of g-interferon. Interferon can depress and even kill cancer cells.  Germanium possesses the power to take over the hydrogen ion from cancer cells.  Losing hydrogen ions can cause depression and even death to cancer cells.

Contains a complete spectrum of antioxidant carotenoids, including beta-carotene a better source than even carrots!) and zeaxanthin (protects the eyes). Goji berries are the richest source of carotenoids of all known foods.

Contains Vitamin C at higher levels than even those found in oranges.

Contains B-complex vitamins, necessary for converting food into energy.

Contains Vitamin E (very rarely found in fruits, only in grains and seeds).

Contains an anti-inflammatory agent called Beta-Sitosterol. Beta-Sitosterol also lowers cholesterol and has been used to treat sexual impotence and prostate enlargement.

Contains essential fatty acids, which are required for the body’s production of hormones and for the smooth functioning of the brain and nervous system, INCLUDING OMEGA 3 which is essential for excellent health and not readily available in most foods. (Chia seeds are the best soruce for Omega 3).

Contains a compound called Cyperone that benefits the heart and blood pressure, alleviates menstrual discomfort, and has been used in the treatment of cervical cancer.

Contains a powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial compound called Solavetivone.

Contains a natural compound that is active against all major types of leukaemia called Physalin,. It has been shown to increase splenic natural killer cell activity in normal and tumour-bearing mice, with broad-spectrum anti-cancer effect. It has also been used as a treatment for hepatitis B.

Contains Betaine, which is used by the liver to produce choline, a compound that calms nervousness, enhances memory, promotes muscle growth, and protects against fatty liver disease. Betaine also provides methyl groups in the body’s energy reactions and can help reduce levels of homocysteine, a prime risk factor in heart disease. It also protects DNA.

Containes polysaccharides which have been demonstrated to strongly fortify the immune system.  This same polysaccharide has been found to be a secretagogue, that is, a substance that stimulates the secretion in the pituitary gland of human growth hormone, a powerful innate anti-aging hormone.

In Mongolia it is commonly used by first trimester mothers to prevent morning sickness.  It is a gentle and soothing fruit that is loaded with available vitality.

Contains super high levels of antioxidants. What is an antioxidant? Just like rust on a car, oxidation can cause damage to cells by producing what are called “free radicals”. Some people believe that free radicals are a major cause of aging. Antioxidants help prevent oxidation. Many people believe that antioxidants increase immune function and decrease aging.

In several study groups with elderly people Goji was given once a day for 3 weeks, with many beneficial results being experienced.  67% of the patients‘ T cell transformation functions tripled and the activity of the patients’ white cell interleukin-2 doubled.  In addition, the results showed that all the patients’ spirit and optimism increased significantly, appetite improved in 95% of the patients, 95% of the patients slept better and 35% of the patients partially recovered their sexual function.  The Goji berry has absolutely no toxicity.


dailyalternative | alternative news – Goji Juice which Tastes Better than Himalayan Goji Juice

via Goji Juice which Tastes Better than Himalayan Goji Juice.

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daily alternative | alternative news – Google Now Has Access To Millions of Patients’ Medical Records

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