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UK’s first legal cannabis vaporiser user reviews

The first legal cannabis vaporiser has hit the UK, intended for medicinal use. Creators of the MediPen say their revolutionary device contains a very respectable dose of CBD, an active ingredient in the cannabis plant with a vast array of positive...


Iodine vs Bromine – What They are not Telling YOU

Forty years ago the food industry decided to remove iodine from baked goods and replace the iodine with bromine. Iodine and bromine appear similar to the thyroid gland and bromine easily binds to the thyroid gland’s receptors for iodine. Bromine,...

The Drug Epidemic No One Talks About - Steroids

The Drug Epidemic No One Talks About – Steroids

Steroids are one of the most popular drugs next to marijuana and cocaine. They can be purchased through various websites that ship out of Asia, Europe and South America. However, a lot of sites will sell you defective product. The best place to get...


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