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Mark McGowan 1 Mans Crawl for Everyone’s Cause! WheresDaddysPig (UPDATE)

(UPDATE) Knees Sore but in High spirits The Artist Taxi Driver delivers his important message! Good on Him!

Activist and performance artist Mark McGowan crawled four miles from his home in South London to the Prime Minister’s residence in Westminster pushing a toy pig on roller skates with his nose. McGowan suffers with Bowel Cancer and took the action to highlight privatization of the National Health Service, on the day the House of Lords pushed through legislation to outsource healthcare. We spoke to him in Downing Street as he delivered a letter to PM David Cameron, although the pig was not allowed in.

McGowan: The NHS is being privatized without a mandate, in the shadows. Can you imagine in 2015 when you have to pay for treatment – what’s going to happen to the people who can’t afford it? It’s outrageous. Anyone who doesn’t know or isn’t worried…one slip and you’re in hospital thinking ‘I can’t afford treatment’.

How did you choose this form of protest?

I’m a performance artist, and the pig is about the government at the trough. They see tax money as theirs and it goes straight to private companies.

What kind of reactions have you been getting?

Incredible. I didn’t know one person when I started but beautiful people have supported me. I got tearful when they played Richie Havens ‘Freedom’, the man who started Woodstock and died yesterday. I’ve talked to a lot of people on the way about the NHS and the impact privatization will have. I don’t expect David Cameron to read the letter but it’s on YouTube.

Are you getting home the same way?

No I’m a bit tired so I’ll get the bus. I will be feeling this tomorrow.

via The pig issue: Artist confronts British Prime Minister David Cameron


Various Videos from Excellent Supporters below!


Unfortunately we couldn’t be with Mark and show support today, however we are supporting him from our offices and keeping tabs on Marks progress throughout the day. Mark is currently crawling from Kings College Camberwell to 10 Downing Street  pushing a PIG with his nose in protest against government privatisation of the NHS

The Route


Various Supporters are their on route with him and supporting with numbers growing…..a kind stream has been broadcasted also which can be obtained from here link

IMO Mark McGowan is one of a few that tells the story like it should be, whilst passionate about his cause he tells it like it is and with his following growing daily he certainly is starting to turn some heads, which is what we need more of. Support Mark at #WheresDaddysPig or @chunkymark or via his Youtube daily broadcast BBC Sucks o cock News!



Next Stop



In an extraordinary art performance artist Mark McGowan is to crawl along the road on his hands and knees pushing a toy pig with his nose the 4.1 miles from Kings College Hospital in Camberwell Green to number 10 Downing Street, to protest against this governments privatisation of the NHS.

Kings is where he is receiving treatment for recently diagnosed Bowel Cancer. McGowan says, “Without a mandate, having concealed their health policy, this Government is giving away NHS contracts to the highest bidder. The tendering of NHS services to private companies is a despicable act. Under the cloak of austerity the primary purpose of this government is to move public money into private pockets, as fast as humanly possible, they are like pigs at the trough of public money. “They” are the ones that are fleecing the public purse, “they are the least amongst us”.

The people of Britain are asleep and seem oblivious they have been manipulated to what actually has happened, the under reporting and anti NHS agenda, particularly attacks on nurses, propaganda by the likes of the BBC SKY Telegraph Daily Mail Express is shocking and shows the truth about a “free press”, a tool for those in power. The sell off of the NHS has already begun with the likes of Virgin Healthcare and Richard Branson taking over child healthcare in Devon, to profit from sick children shows the full calibre of the man. Countless private healthcare companies and their lords ladies and MP directors/advisors rubbing their hands because they know our health service is a Goldmine for their greedy souls. Under section 75 all NHS services must be put out to competitive tender, a £60 billion auction to private bidders of public health services of the vulnerable the sick and the dying. A man who tried to help Rupert Murdoch and his £8billion BSKYB bid Jeremy Hunt is the auctioneer.These people in government are liars criminals and thieves and should be arrested for embezzlement of public funds. A staggering 206 parliamentarians have recent or present financial private healthcare connections, amazingly all of them were allowed to vote on the Health and Social Care Act, this is not a democracy!

On the 24th of April there is a debate and vote on section 75, the final nail in the coffin. I will be starting my crawl and pushing the pig with my nose along the road on the 24th at 8am from outside Kings College Hospital. This performance is part of an upcoming solo exhibition at the Trade Gallery in Nottingham route…starts 8am from junction of Denmark Hill with Bessemer Road outside Kings College Hospital then straight down through Camberwell Green Walworth Road around the Elephant and Castle over Westminister Bridge turn right should arrive 6/10pm at 10 Downing street.


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