daily alternative | alternative news - New Gun Tech to Make "Smart" Shooters

New Gun Tech to Make Smart Shooters

Austin, Texas has emerged as the premier site for advanced gun tech. Defense Distributed has now famously tested its fully 3D-printed handgun there (and had the blueprints subsequently restricted by the State Department), and Austin has been the chosen site for testing for a new “smart” rifle that is already drawing the type of attention to suggest that it, too, will cause an uproar.

Utilizing a color graphics display, laser targeting, and an autonomous system of computer algorithms to judge the perfect shot, years of practice are reduced to pulling the trigger and letting the gun hit the target from an expert-level distance. As an added bonus, a Wi-Fi transmitter can stream your shot to social media. “It’s like a video game.”


The gun is called TrackingPoint and will go on sale Wednesday for upwards of $22,000 per unit. Aside from some of the criticism from hunters that this is essentially like a golf club that could be programmed to hit a hole-in-one, others cite the ease that this could fall into the hands of terrorists. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the “smart” element of this technology is on the docket to be applied in a very different way. Please read this key article by Julie Beal that outlines the problem-reaction-solution scenario that could erupt from the introduction of this technology.


daily alternative | alternative news – New Gun Tech to Make “Smart” Shooters

via New Gun Tech to Make “Smart” Shooters.

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