daily alternative | alternative news - Over-Grow Campaign pits nature vs authorities. Stunning Win in Gottingen

Over-Grow Campaign pits nature vs authorities. Stunning Win in Gottingen

The “Over-Grow” Campaign is a way to subvert repressive laws on Cannabis, by using one of the plant’s key strengths. It is called weed for a reason, it grows like one, can grow almost anywhere if given water and light, and will outperform shrubs in growth rate.

We at Exposing the truth are currently trying to find a wholesale supplier for fertile hemp seeds to distribute in 500g/5000 seed packets to help you show support for the Over-grow campaign.


It must be noted that while we find the cannabis seed protest amusing and effective, we here at Exposing the Truth cannot endorse the actions of the Autonomous Flower Children and would like to use this opportunity to point out that planting cannabis seeds on a large scale in any country where germination of cannabis seeds is not legal should absolutely never be done. In any case, a few kilograms of cannabis seeds would be very expensive, although you can buy regular hemp for eating, which are much cheaper. They are very healthy, but should not be planted, unless you have a license from the Home Office in the uk  (disclaimer done).

Meanwhile in Gottingen, Germany, campaigners show us how it is done.

Thousands of Cannabis plants have started springing up around the town of Gottingen, after thousands of seeds were distributed around the town’s flower-beds and hanging baskets, even window boxes. Police have been ripping them up as they see them, but so far nature is winning, and as you can see from the photo above  plants still lurk near to the police station.

A spokesman for A Few Autonomous Flower Children said: “We can’t set eyes on this useful and beautiful plant because it’s absolutely forbidden in Germany to grow it.”

She added: “This action is a big deal – people (from A Few Autonomous Flower Children) really put effort into it.”

Local Marcus Baum said:

The cannabis plants are sprouting up everywhere.

They removed the ones from the police station very quickly, but the plants are coming up in parks and gardens everywhere.

Some are even growing in window boxes.


Please message us if you would like to assist in the “Overgrow campaign”, and much respect to the flower-children of Germany.


daily alternative | alternative news – Over-Grow Campaign pits nature vs authorities. Stunning Win in Gottingen

via Over-Grow Campaign pits nature vs authorities. Stunning Win in Gottingen

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