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Police must no longer investigate themselves: Judgement day for the IPCC

The body tasked with investigating complaints against the police is unable to do its job and has perilously little public trust, an influential committee of MPs said today.

In a damning report which could fundamentally change the complaints system governing the police, the home affairs committee found the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) was fatally undermined by the fact it is staffed by the very people it is supposed to be investigating.

“When public trust in the police is tested by complaints of negligence, misconduct and corruption, a strong watchdog is vital to get to the truth: but the IPCC leaves the public frustrated and faithless,” committee chair Keith Vaz said.

“The public are bewildered by its continued reliance on the very forces it is investigating.”

The committee found the watchdog was overloaded with appeal cases. MPs concluded it often focused on less serious complaints and let serious cases of police corruption or misconduct under-investigated.


dailyalternative | alternative news – Police must no longer investigate themselves

via Police must no longer investigate themselves: Judgement day for the IPCC.

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