daily alternative | alternative news - Political figure in the UK questioned on child sex abuse charges

Political figure in the UK questioned on child sex abuse charges

A political figure in the UK has been asked in for questioning in the in relation to historical child sex allegations involving London care homes.

The name of the individual has not been released  and he has not been charged but is believed to have been in a held a senior position in the British Government and was a major figure in his political party.

The individual was also, connected  to a number of high profile music figures  and his arrest under caution will shock the UK political establishment.

It is understood that the individual denies all claims of historical abuse.

The allegations and interrogations under caution has not been publicised and no name has been released as is standard, but it comes as Paul Gambaccini, the BBC Radio presenter, is released from all threat of charges, after being arrested some months ago.

Gambaccini has long protested his innocence and now the Metropolitan Police say that he will not face any charges.

Another man, who identity has not been released will also not face charges relating to complaints made by adults claiming abuse as teenagers, the Metropolitan Police confirmed.

The force said that the alleged victims would be informed of the situation and the reasons why matters would not proceed any further.

While the wagons now circle around senior political figures who were allegedly involved in abuse or helped cover it up, rumours close to the child abuse investigation suggest that a huge name in music is also in the frame for child abuse allegations.

“Nearly, eveyr key figure of a certain generation has been targeted and if its sex with boys then this man is certainly in the frame”, one entertainment insider told the Sunday World.

The gates have opened in relation to child sex abuse allegations but there much more to come, he said, wishing to preserve his identity.

The political figure has been not arrested and presented himself to Police by appointment under the same controversial arrangements that Rolf Harris was initially engaged with by the Metropolitan Police.

The ramifications from this, should it proceed to charges, is expected to be of earthquake proportions in the Westminster village.

A former senior policeman who was involved in one of the early investigations into abuse by political figures has said to the Sunday World that “political interference certainly impeded investigations of political figures”.

He is reserving a great deal of his testimony and evidence for a judicial inquiry that has been set up to investigate the potential involvement of establishment figures and alleged cover up by their associates and establishment friends


daily alternative | alternative news – Political figure in the UK questioned on child sex abuse charges

via Political figure in the UK questioned on child sex abuse charges

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