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Solar Energy

The use of solar energy becomes more and more popular nowadays. It is a much cheaper source of energy and also a more environmentally friendly one. Solar energy has been used in much ancient times, this is not a new concept. What makes it new is the technology used for capturing it and helping us make a good use of this type of energy.

Solar panels are mostly used when building solar powered houses, but sometimes a major obstacle in building these houses is the fact that their aesthetics is not that great.

What is very important to mention is that not every house or building is suitable for using solar energy, as the angle and inclination of the rooftop plays a defining role in the process of using solar power. Solar panels should be inclined in such a way that the angle should be as close as possible to the area’s latitude in order to captivate the maximum amount of energy.

An interesting fact is that the amount of solar energy that reaches our planet in one day is more than enough to meet the global need of energy in a year. If we manage to use this fact in our advantage than we can reduce the amount of CO2 we generate. We will come back soon with projects…


daily alternative | alternative news – Solar Energy

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