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Stuart Hall references to ‘parliamentary accomplice’ add grist to Westminster paedophile mill

The peer who was Hall’s friend, the spies who abused Kincora boys, and the MPs who tried to normalise paedophilia academically

Since the Stuart Hall verdict was announced, several websites have referred to the Establishment ‘help’ he got with his alleged paedophile adventures. Last week The Slog devoted most of one piece to asking why on earth the Hall case should have been heard in camera. Over the Bank Holiday, further evidence of élite-protection in this and other cases emerged.

The original text of an article in The Independent last week made overt reference to how Stuart Hall’s ‘mates, including an MP who is now a Peer, helped Hall with his filthy hobby’. Shortly afterwards, the words ‘an MP who is now a Peer’ were dropped. Most sites I’ve been to so far are suggesting that Hall may have been allowed to plead guilty to ‘lesser charges’ in camera in order to aid the process of protecting his little helper. I’m not sure this makes sense, however: the charges seem serious enough, and why would the level of severity help an anonymous Peer?

But it has now emerged that the Independent’s self-censorship wasn’t the only oddity surrounding this case. Three days ago, on the blogs page at the Telegraph website was a piece by Peter Stanford – mainly about Stuart Hall. Oddly, the first url for this account was marked ‘preview’ – suggesting it was published in error. That version cannot be accessed any more, but the finally published piece is a devastating demolition of Hall by Stanford.


dailyalternative | alternative news – Stuart Hall references to ‘parliamentary accomplice’

via Stuart Hall references to ‘parliamentary accomplice’ add grist to Westminster paedophile mill

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