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The EU has declared war on Britain, and we only have four months to prepare

In November, we will see the Queen sign away, in the Treaty of Nice, the very last of our rights as a sovereign country and bring us into full EU federalism.

Ted Heath was blackmailed in the 1970s into bringing us into Europe in the first place, through his paedophilia activities on his yacht. In the same way, many of our MPs have been deliberately corrupted with this sort of classic ‘honeytrap’, and then their activities revealed in a kind of slowly rolling out disclosure, as we have seen in recent weeks, in order to help destroy our faith in our Parliament and monarchy governing us as a nation state, so that we will more readily accept the collapse of sovereignty and become part of the EU.

Most people don’t realise that the collapse of sovereignty will bring in the EU and the EU will bring in UN Agenda 21, under various different aliases. (If you don’t know about, or don’t realise the dangers of UN Agenda 21, here’s an article about it. )

In that context, it would seem to me that the emergency surveillance bill, to help ‘combat terrorism’, which is being rushed through Parliament this week is part of this wider strategy. I would suggest that if the government is worried about terrorism, it should stop funding, training and arming ISIS with ground-to-air-missiles. Just a thought…

The Data Retention and Investigative Powers Bill (DRIP) is not, as the government claims, to only “clarify grey areas” of previous and now defunct EU legislation. According to respected Twitter lawyer, Jack of Kent, who has read it, it represents “a substantial extension of interception law” which should not be rushed through as an “emergency”.

Of course, the ‘emergency’ itself is false and just an excuse to rush it through, because if MPs actually had the time to read it properly, they would vote against it. As Alan Travis in the Guardian says: “in order to ensure the continued access of the police and security services to the personal internet and phone-use tracking data held by the telecoms companies, they have had to concede important privacy and civil liberty safeguards.”

After November, it will be considered treasonous for us to speak out as we do now, and we will be arrested and worst. The new legislation will make it easier for them to find us. Foreign (EU) police and EU arrest warrants are going to be deployed,  and independent-minded individuals will be arrested for speaking out, and could end up in secret courts anywhere in Europe.

The blackmailing of Britain

So forget an EU referendum after the next election. By the general election in May next year, it will all be over, and blogs like this will be a thing of the past.

There are six parts of the Treaty of Nice that the Queen has already signed up to. The seventh and final one will be in November, this year. Then we will be fully and permanently locked into the EU.

It’s thought that the Queen is being blackmailed along with everyone else because some of her family members have been tarred with Savile’s brush.

This means that what we’ll see in November, when the Queen signs the final piece of the Treaty of Nice, is just the last move in a game plan that began in the 70s, when Heath was prime minister.

(Warning: The following is graphic content).

Savile would bring children to Heath’s yacht, which would be moored somewhere off the Channel Island of Jersey. The children came from the children’s home Haut de la Garenne. Heath would have his way with them while filming it for a snuff movie. In other words, the child would be slowly tortured and eventually killed. Then the body would be chopped into small pieces which were tossed overboard. We don’t know how many children met their fate in this way.

Savile was in league with the Brussels Gladio mafia, who were blackmailing Heath, by this means..

Heath was also responsible for bringing in decimalisation of our currency, and major reforms to our system of local government. Both of these reforms were designed to help an eventual role out of the full EU monster, as we’re seeing today.

So the whole country was sold out to the EU in this way in the Seventies, and what’s happening in November this year will just be the final nail in the coffin. In other words, they’ve been planning this for decades – and we only have a few months to organise ourselves against it.

As Prince Charles wrote in a card to Savile: “No-one will ever know what you did for this country, Jim.” Well …we do now. He right royally fucked us. (See Jimmy Savile – Childcatcher by Royal Appointment).

Britain is at war

There’s a lot of material around on the internet about how we never actually won the Second World War, about how high ranking Nazis were flown into the US under Operation Paperclip and infiltrated into government, and how another group of them were left back in Europe under Operation Gladio, but you will need to do your own research on this.

However, it does seem as if all these chickens are now coming home to roost. As a result, Britain is now at war again, to maintain its sovereignty, although the prosecutors of this war have not openly declared it. What they couldn’t achieve with V2 rockets, the EU, backed by George Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates, hope to achieve with an information war.

While Genghis Khan would fire plague victims at the oncoming troops, the EU is firing old and faded paedophiles to distract us, their ‘enemy’, from the real issue – the hundreds of thousands of children who are trafficked across their porous and open borders, via diplomatic channels, for a life of slavery, sexual abuse or to be tortured to death in a snuff movie or Satanic ritual.

If we lose our sovereignty, it will be even easier for them to steal our children.

Britain is the second biggest child trafficker in the world, next to Vietnam, and county councils here are paid hundreds of thousands in bribes to get as many children as possible into children’s homes, from which 30,000 go missing every year. Remember this next time they use the term ‘historic child abuse’, or hold up the next Rolf Harris in a kind of human sacrifice or human shield, to hide the real sex abuse and unthinkable cruelty they have inflicted on untold numbers of children – not just for their own pleasure, but also to bring down countries like ours.

There is a group called Lawful Rebellion which is fighting against this. https://www.facebook.com/groups/388605611224816/ Please check it out to find out what you can do to help.


daily alternative | alternative news – The EU has declared war on Britain

via The EU has declared war on Britain, and we only have four months to prepare

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