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UK government accused of cover-up on Litvinenko case

daily alternative | alternative news - UK government accused of cover-up on Litvinenko case

The widow of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko has accused the British government of seeking to strike a “secret political deal with the Kremlin” after an inquest into his death abandoned its search for the truth.

Marina Litvinenko said she was “utterly dismayed” by a coroner accepting an application by the UK Foreign Office to keep certain information under wraps.

On Friday, Coroner Sir Robert Owen published a ruling, which revealed that he cannot hear in public evidence on the preventability of Litvinenko’s death or linked to the alleged involvement of Russia in the ex-spy’s poisoning.

Litvinenko, who was once an officer of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and later a fierce critic of the Kremlin, died on November 23, 2006. He was poisoned on November 1, 2006 with polonium-210, a highly toxic radioactive isotope, at the Millennium Hotel in central London.

“The effect of the ruling is to protect those responsible for the murder of a British citizen on the streets of London, and to allow the Russian government to shield behind a claim for secrecy made by [British Foreign Secretary] William Hague with the backing of Prime Minister David Cameron,” Marina Litvinenko said.

Earlier in February, Ben Emmerson, the lawyer acting for Litvinenko’s widow, accused the British government of “dancing to the Russian tarantella” in an attempt to avoid damage to trade deals with Moscow.


daily alternative | alternative news – UK government accused of cover-up on Litvinenko case

via UK govt. accused of cover-up on Litvinenko.

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Kuwait to Pass Law to “DNA Tag” Everyone Like Cattle, Including All Tourists

In the first law of its kind anywhere in the world, Kuwait has decided it will not only “DNA tag” everyone presently in the country as part of a new “integrated security database,” but all tourists will be required to submit a DNA test before they can even enter the country.

Facilities for blood and saliva collection will be set up at the Kuwait International Airport, and there will be “consequences of rejecting” these procedures which the Kuwaiti government says it is putting in place in order to track everyone just in case someone commits a crime.

While it sounds like an Orwellian nightmare, the reality is this is slowly creeping up on us everywhere. Central banks are going to start requiring biometrics for identification, for your security they say. Japan has already announced that all tourists will be required to use their fingerprints as currency while in the country. India has forced biometric IDs on its entire population. In fact, the United Nations is pushing for universal biometric ID cards for every single man, woman, and child on the planet by 2030.


daily alternative | alternative news – Kuwait to Pass Law to “DNA Tag” Everyone Like Cattle, Including All Tourists

via Kuwait to Pass Law to “DNA Tag” Everyone Like Cattle, Including All Tourists.

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