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UK MP exposes government double standards

After challenging British Prime Minister David Cameron in Parliament over his double approach toward al-Qaeda in Syria and Mali, British MP George Galloway has highlighted on-air how Cameron responded with a hypocritical remark.

On Press TV’s weekly political debate program Comment, Galloway referred to a moment in the British Parliament on Wednesday, where he stood and asked Cameron about a contradiction in the policy of his government.

“I asked the British Prime Minister David Cameron if he would kindly explain to the house the key differences between the al-Qaeda we’re killing in Mali and the al-Qaeda we’re supporting in Syria,” Galloway said.

“David Cameron’s puerile schoolboy flash-man response of attacking me and refusing to answer the question just won’t wash,” he added.

Cameron had responded by saying that Galloway supports every “brutal dictator in the Arab world”.

But Galloway then referred to an article recently published in The Guardian that clearly reveals the British PM’s response to Galloway as hypocritical.

The picture accompanying the article shows goes back to November 2012 where Cameron shakes hands and receives a medal from a known dictator; the Saudi monarch Abdullah.

The article also explains that Cameron’s response to Galloway was “just the standard smear tactic used for decades by western leaders to try to discredit anyone who opposes their wars.”

This comes as the British government has announced that up to 200 British military advisers will be deployed to help train a West African intervention force and help France in its war on Mali.

The pretext of fighting al-Qaeda-linked extremists was used by Britain and France for their latest attack, even though they are apparently financially and militarily supporting the same insurgents in Syria.


dailyalternative | alternative news – UK MP exposes government double standards – Good on you Mr Galloway

via PressTV – UK MP exposes gov’t double standards.

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