daily alternative | alternative news - UK must say no to European immigrants, British PM says

UK must say no to European immigrants, British PM says

Britain should say “no” to immigrants from Eastern European countries who want to take jobs in the UK, British Prime Minister David Cameron has said.

During his visit to the MINI Plant in Oxford, Cameron said “as a country what we ought to be saying is no” to immigrants who are taking local jobs.

“You go round factories in our country and half the people in the factory have come from Poland or Lithuania or Latvia,” Cameron said, adding, “Let’s have sensible controls on immigration, particularly from outside the EU where we can cap the number of people who come.”

He also noted that the educational system should do more to ensure Britons leave school with enough skills and qualifications once they enter the job market.

Earlier in July, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that native Britons are less likely to have higher levels of education and employment than immigrants.

According to the ONS figures, 21 percent of foreign nationals were employed in banking, finance and insurance, compared with 17 percent of British nationals.

Moreover, nearly 40 percent of foreign nationals gained qualifications at degree standard or higher, compared with 29 percent of native Britons.

This comes as Britain Home Office’s backlog of half a million unresolved immigration and asylum cases will take almost four decades to clear.


daily alternative | alternative news – UK must say no to European immigrants, British PM says

via UK must say no to European immigrants, British PM says.

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