daily alternative | alternative news - UK PM talked to Lib Dem deputy on 2nd coalition

UK PM talked to Lib Dem deputy on 2nd coalition

Britain’s Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron has held talks with his Liberal Democrat deputy Nick Clegg on a new coalition government after the 2015 general elections, convinced that the ballot leads to another hung parliament.

The current coalition government was formed in 2010 after the election results led to the first hung parliament in Britain since World War II.

This is while opinion poll results put opposition Labour ahead of Conservatives in terms of public support while failing to give Labour enough margin for a single-party majority government.

The poll results have triggered speculations that it would be Labour that could join forces with Lid Dems this time, forcing Conservatives out of the government.

However, Cameron and Clegg have emerged to have discussed another coalition “from time to time” over the past year with the former assured that Lib Dems will not enter a coalition with Labour as long as the party is led by Ed Miliband.

The revelations have been made in a book, titled In It Together, which is serialized in The Daily Telegraph.

According to the book, Cameron has come to the conclusion “that the arithmetic in the Commons meant that a second hung parliament was entirely possible”.

The book also claimed that Cameron has already began asking his party colleagues whether they would support another Con-Dem coalition.


daily alternative | alternative news – UK PM talked to Lib Dem deputy on 2nd coalition

via UK PM talked to Lib Dem deputy on 2nd coalition.

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