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The UK’s Proposed Ban on Esoteric Knowledge: Why Institutions Seek to Limit Access to Information

daily alternative | alternative news - The UK's Proposed Ban on Esoteric Knowledge

I want to say I completely understand the UK government’s proposition to ban websites that contain esoteric knowledge. Esoteric knowledge would enable people to rise up from the ghastly and exhausting fear that leads them to tolerate the institutional ‘war economy’ and all its literal and figurative nuclear fallout. The only way that lending more rights to institutions will be tolerated by the masses is if they limit individual access to information.

When minds start to wander, they start to wonder. And if they wonder with esoteric knowledge or developed consciousness, people would be less likely to resign themselves to the physical world and the controlling institutions thereof. When people become aware of esoteric knowledge and esoteric viewpoints, institutional control becomes secondary. When people start to think for themselves they don’t resign themselves to institutional format and command, and might start to recognize When people start to think for themselves they can understanding the moral and legal divergence, and not simply follow and enforce “the rules” like institutional tools.

Here in the United States, the corporate bastion, the center of the culture of separation, the oligarchs have long killed any scholastic will beyond selfish learning. The USA abides by the policy of continuous superfluous “bread and circus” to keep people from desiring to learn about anything esoteric. In the USA our corporate controllers live by the Chinese oligarchical motto: ‘If you want to keep your cattle from running away, give them a big field.’ This essentially means that there is so much irrelevant and impotent information with importance placed on it (eg. celebrity culture) that the “cattle” minds do not wander away.

Understanding The Matrix of 4

Everything is subject to the measure of moral and immoral, using the Golden Rule as the dividing line. Once that is determined, the matrix of four can be utilized to cross reference the ideas of morality and legality.

There are four types of law; moral laws which promote moral acts, moral laws which promote immoral acts, immoral laws which promote immoral acts, and immoral laws which ultimately promote moral acts. Some laws instigate different actions by different individuals. Some laws instigate the crime they were explicitly written to prevent. Some laws are written with loop-holes for the few to benefit. Some laws cease crime, others create crime. Moral laws resulting in moral acts are the distinct part of this set.

There are also four actions relative to the intersection of morality and legality as well. There is the lawful/moral, unlawful/immoral, lawful/immoral, and unlawful/moral. The lawful/moral and the unlawful/immoral are the two most obvious and most common parts to the set. The lawful/immoral and the unlawful/moral are the two parts to the set which might occur less frequently, but are certainly realized and considered less. All individual and institutional actions can be interpreted through this matrix of four, again utilizing the Golden Rule as the centerpoint.

Controlling institutions do not want people realizing the matrix of 4 or contemplating their world from that understanding. Other esoteric knowledge related to the matrix of 4 (often sneakily labeled “metaphilosophy”) is the awareness of physical, mental, spiritual and natural aspects which inspire people to think beyond their physical world.

Idiots, Zealots, Elitists and Patriots

The Matrix of Four presents four types of political thinking and being; idiots, zealots, elitists and patriots and relates them to the four archetypes. Idiots refuse information, zealots refuse counter information to their preconception, elitists use information to control and patriots share information for liberty.  These four characters align with the first four characters in The Bible, as well as the four characterizations so integral in the Quran. In the Quran the main four characterizations are the believers, non-believers, war-makers and peace-makers.

In the Bible the first four characters are Adam the idiot, Eve the zealot, Serpent the elitist and God the patriot. Adam the idiot believes whatever he is told. Eve the zealot believes what she wants to believe. Serpent the elitist lies and tricks. God the patriot tells the truth pertaining.

The truth is that institutions are taking the rights of the people, beginning with restriction on access to information.

Om symbolism refers to four states of consciousness; sleeping state, waking state, deep sleep and deep awakening. Please wake up to the institutions taking from individuals, don’t sleep on the Serpents.


daily alternative | alternative news – The UK’s Proposed Ban on Esoteric Knowledge


via The UK’s Proposed Ban on Esoteric Knowledge: Why Institutions Seek to Limit Access to Information

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daily alternative | alternative news – Kuwait to Pass Law to “DNA Tag” Everyone Like Cattle, Including All Tourists

via Kuwait to Pass Law to “DNA Tag” Everyone Like Cattle, Including All Tourists.

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